How We Brew in the North

Our tips to help you make the best cup of coffee

French Press

The French Press method is the perfect way to brew a great, consistent cup of coffee. 

Grind: Coarse

Amount: 25 g/300mL of water.

Brewing Time: 4 mintues

Stovetop Moka Pot

For a rich, strong and satisfying cup of coffee, the moka pot is an excellent way to go. This is our new go to at home!

Grind: Fine

Amount: Enough coffee to fill the filter basket (15-17 grams for a 4 cup Bialetti)

Brew Time: 5-7 minutes


Use the force of gravity to extract a smooth and clean flavour from the beans.

Grind: Medium

Amount: 17g/250mL

Brew Time: 3-4 minutes

Chemex Pour Over

In terms of taste and body, the chemex will make a cup similar to a drip coffee maker. However, by pouring slowly, the water will be in contact with the grounds for a longer period of time, resulting in a slighty richer taste. A gooseneck kettle is also preferred for use with a chemex.

Grind: Medium - Coarse

Amount: 42 grams (6 tablespoons) for an 8 cup Chemex

Brew Time: 4 minutes

Automatic Drip Coffee

For an efficiently made cup, the automatic drip coffee maker (or single use cup system with refillable pod) is most convenient. The drip coffee maker will result in a light-bodied taste, for those who prefer their coffee be less strong.

Grind: Medium (Note: If using a Keruig machine, the coffee grind needs to be fine).

Amount: 60g/1000mL

Brew Time: Varies per machine


The two tips we can't recommend enough:

1. For the best cup of coffee, make sure to grind the beans right before brewing.
2. Coffee has its best flavour within 14 days after its roast date.



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